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SAXA Launches Online Campaign

SAXA will be running an online campaign during April and May, with a focus on Easter and promoting the brand’s core products such as Natural Sea Salt Flakes, Sea Salt Grinders, Natural Rock Salt, SAXA Table Salt and Saxa Cooking Salt.

The marketing team is excited to be working with Australia’s leading multi-platform magazine publisher, Bauer Media, to promote the SAXA brand through targeted digital displays on Bauer’s recipe destination websites of FoodtoLove and NowtoLove. Over the next month, four recipe videos will be released on the FoodtoLove website.

The SAXA Facebook page will be regularly updated with Easter themed recipes (such as delicious hot cross buns made with SAXA salt) and Easter hacks and tips (such as coloured hard boiled eggs for kids to create). On Instagram, the brand is promoted through the tagline #SeasonWithSaxa hashtagged by social media influencers

Check out SAXA’s Facebook page and hashtag #SeasonWithSaxa on Instagram for some good content and recipes!

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