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As an organisation, we are part of the communities in which we operate. And like all members of any community we have a responsibility to contribute to its collective well-being.

Helping those in need

Foodbank Australia

Diid you know that every year 2 million Australians seek help in putting food on the table for their families? Foodbank is Australia’s largest hunger relief organization and every year they source food and groceries for charities around the country, providing 60 million meals a year for people that might otherwise go without. Each year Cerebos supports Foodbank with a financial contribution, employee time and the donation of thousands of kilograms of food to be distributed to those in need. In the latest financial year Cerebos donated 49 000 kilograms of food that was turned into 88 000 meals! We are proud to be supporting such a great cause.

Auckland City Mission

Auckland City Mission is one of Auckland’s most influential social service providers, whose purpose is, and always has been, to help people in desperate need. The Mission provides unique and specialised health and social services to marginalised Aucklanders, including medical care, emergency food support, support for the elderly and homeless, and for those experiencing issues with drug and/or alcohol addiction. Each year Cerebos supports the Auckland City Mission with a significant financial contribution toward the costs of running their services, as well as providing food and coffee for grocery parcels for Aucklander’s in need.

For more information about Foodbank in Australia please visit:

For more information about Auckland City Mission in New Zealand please visit:

For more information about Ronald McDonald House Charity in Australia and New Zealand please visit:

Cerebos' Chosen Charities

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