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Orb Coffee

Our challenge is to be The Best Damn Coffee in the Civilised World. That’s quite a high bar that we’ve set ourselves, but one that we are determined to deliver

We know that making a truly great cup of coffee is not easy. So we have focused our efforts on sourcing some of the best beans in the world

Exclusively using Single Origin Beans for our Plunger and Filter ground coffee. Our Master Blenders have developed blends of coffee through repeated trial and error that deliver outstanding flavours even through the espresso process

And our Master Roasters have worked hard to perfect the best roast level for each of our single origins and our blends to deliver coffees that will delight coffee lovers around the world

Last but not least is YOU. The person making the coffee. You really do determine just how great a cup you get. (in fact we estimate it’s around 50% of a great cup) So please take the time to visit our website for tips and tricks of making a great cup of coffee – you won’t regret it.

  • Orb cleaning up at the 2014 NZ Coffee Awards.

  • Coffee Team at the Coffee Awards.

  • The first Orb Espresso Bar (Countdown Metro, Victoria Street)

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