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Asian Home Gourmet™

Asian Home Gourmet brings together the unique flavours and aromas of Asia to help you create your next authentic Asian meal.

Our convenient paste range sachet range is made with the freshest Asian ingredients and covers the cuisines of Thailand, India, Singapore and many other countries in the Asian region.

We also have larger packs designed for the restaurant industry, in addition to our paste sachet range sold through retailers.

For your next meal, why not create a spicy Indonesian Beef Rendang? Or a delicate Singaporean Hainanese Chicken Rice using Asian Home Gourmet.

Authentic Delights

  • Asian Home Gourmet - Indian Butter Chicken.

  • Asian Home Gourmet - Singapore Laksa.

  • Asian Home Gourmet - Thai Green Curry.

  • Prawn Laksa using Asian Home Gourmet Laksa paste.

  • Thai Green Chicken Curry using Asian Home Gourmet Green Curry paste.

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