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Taste, texture and purity have kept SAXA at the forefront of the salt market in Australia for almost a century. Whether they're baking, adding the essentials to fish and chips or seasoning a gourmet meal, the salt that Australians prefer is SAXA.

Saxa takes pride in its established reputation as a trusted leader in its range of salts, herbs and seasonings sourced from the four corners of the seas for Australians to enjoy. Merchants for over a hundred years, their heritage and traditions have established uncompromising standards on quality and purity.

Since those early days, the SAXA® brand has been offering increasingly relevant products to ensure Australian families have the right seasoning for every occasion; SAXA® has a range of salts for every occasion, and the range includes Table Salt, Cooking Salt, Rock Salt, Flakes and Grinders.

Saxa continues to explore widely seeking new seasoning experiences that can be enjoyed in a wide variety of meals.

A pinch of salt

  • SAXA offers increasingly relevant and flavoursome products.

  • Ideal for grinding rock salt during your cooking and to enhance seasoning at the table.

  • SAXA Sea Salt Flakes were welcomed by fine diners across the country.

  • Honey cured fish.

  • Use SAXA Natural Sea Salt Flakes to make Dukkah dip.

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