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Caffe L'affare

Delicious premium coffee, with the mystique of destinations abroad and a taste of irreverent fun.

Caffe L'affare captured the imaginations of Wellington's growing coffee culture back in the 1990s by offering seriously good coffee without taking itself too seriously.

Living the brand

The original café is a Wellington icon. It's a large, busy, fun-filled space with a backdrop of the bean warehouse, roaster and packaging plant. When they visit the café, the multitudes of L'affare faithful enjoy feeling part of the business and its huge success.

Attention to detail

Caffe L'affare soon began supplying coffee conscious cafes and restaurants throughout New Zealand. Consumer demand continued to grow and in 2001 the brand became available in supermarkets. Caffe L'affare deliver direct to the individual supermarkets and their own staff visit regularly to ensure only fresh coffee is on offer.

Personality plus

Caffe L'affare is one of the most recognised fresh coffee brands in New Zealand. The distinctive packaging features Enzo, a stylish retro character. He's a snappy dresser and a man of the world who clearly enjoys life. Every pack illustrates the international flavours of coffee with Enzo enjoying a gentle samba in Brazil, exploring the Colombian jungle or on safari in Kenya. Enzo conveys the essence of the Caffe L'affare brand.

Seriously good coffee

  • Captured the imaginations of Wellington's growing coffee culture.

  • The distinctive packaging features Enzo, a stylish retro character.

  • The Caffe L'affare Product Range.

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