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The tropical fruity flavours of Raro have satisfied the thirst of kiwi kids for more than 45 years. Ripping open a sachet of Raro, pouring the powder into a container and adding cold water has been child's play for generations.

As easy as summer

When a tribe of thirsty children invades the kitchen, Raro offers parents a convenient, affordable and tasty solution. Refreshed and energised, the kids are out the door again in minutes. And chances are they'll be tearing into another full-on innings of barefoot backyard cricket.

Born in a tropical paradise

From its humble beginnings in 1961, in a canning factory in the Cook Islands, Raro has grown to become an iconic kiwi brand. Favourites like Sunshine Coast Orange, Mango Orange and Island Groove continue to put the flavour into New Zealand summers.

Raro has been with us for 45 years

  • Raro Logo from the 1960s.

  • Raro Favourites Triple Pack.

  • Raro, putting flavour in NZ summers.

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