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Robert Harris

At Robert Harris we're experts at making coffee for kiwi tastes, not only because we're kiwis but because were passionate about what we do and know every day is an opportunity to do things better.

That's why we roast and blend the beans ourselves, to get the exact flavour we want. That way we know we're giving you the best.

And it all began with a pioneers passion that helped New Zealand establish itself as one of the best places on earth to get a truly great cup of coffee. It's the number one fresh selling coffee in New Zealand supermarkets and there are over 40 Robert Harris Cafes nationwide, serving over 4 million cups of coffee a year.

A love affair with coffee

Robert Harris was the pioneer of fresh coffee in New Zealand. Something of a perfectionist, he dedicated the next 26 years to developing the ideal cup of coffee for New Zealanders, before launching the Robert Harris brand in 1952. Discovering great coffee is an endless journey and today the same spirit drives the Robert Harris determination to provide New Zealanders with a cup of coffee that’s second to none.

Cafes that help you feel at home

By offering the perfect combination of coffee, food and hospitality, Robert Harris cafes are a home away from home. Our baristas are trained in the art of espresso and good conversation, there’s a delicious range of meals and snacks baked fresh in the café every day, and the environment has been carefully designed to help customers relax.

Robert Harris in action

  • Capsules give you the confidence that you’ll get a great quality coffee, every time.

  • Robert Harris Selections range are international coffee classics we've created right here in New Zealand.

  • Only the highest grade beans are gathered from the coffee regions of the world to bring you a premium freeze dried coffee filled with flavour.

  • Robert Harris Cafe Style uses Fusio coffee which is a unique blend of 85% freeze dried and 15% finely ground fresh coffee and topped off with a delectable frothy layer of milk.

  • Fusio by Robert Harris is a unique blend of 100% Arabica freeze dried and finely ground fresh coffee. It's the closest taste to fresh coffee in an instant.

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